Street Level Ministries

Imagine, if you would, living in a city where you see homelessness and addiction.

Imagine, if you would, having a heart for service, but facing limitations such as IT, mobility and funding.

Imagine, if you would, if you could help.

The Street Level Ministries in Seattle, Washington has taken those challenges and found the most creative solution.  Knowing that hundreds of Seattltonians are living on the street, in tents, in vans and cars, or in trailers and RVs, Tina and Jonathan have designed a van that can serve these vulnerable individuals in the hopes they’ll find the help they need.  A van equipped with care packs, a computer and a printer allows Tina to work with homeless individuals to fill out paperwork, scan documents and submit forms to various agencies; ultimately with the goal of housing these individuals facing homelessness.

We are so proud of our neighbours to the South for this critical initiative!  To learn more about the Street Level Ministries program, check out this short video