Illness in a Time of Uncertainty

I met Andrea over 10 years ago when we both worked at BC DHQ.  We worked in different departments, but there were a few of us around the same age who worked there at that time, and a few of us still who had all recently gotten engaged and were planning weddings.

One thing that always struck me about Andrea was her creativity and positivity.  I remember talking to her about her wedding plans and being in awe of her ideas and confident plans for a fall wedding.  But it’s funny how so often what we see on the surface isn’t what’s happening beneath.

At the age of 12, Andrea was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease – a genetic disorder that can often lead to chronic kidney failure. In October of last year, she had a kidney transplant and a new beginning.

Our paths have crossed a number of times over the years – both married for over 10 years, both of us have kids – and as I became aware of her condition I have always delighted in seeing Andrea, especially this past November after her surgery, to find out how she’s doing.   I’ve been curious to know what it’s been like to have a health condition and a toddler at home.  What I have learned is that Andrea has an amazing support network behind her.  And while parenting is sometimes a challenge (even more so when you’re contending with an illness), it’s made easier when you have a team around you that loves you and that will literally, give you anything.

Andrea and Ty are the real deal, and the joy you see in Felix’s face is down to their unconditional love and guidance, even in the face of adversity.

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