Beyond HELLO

This week, our Executive Director had the pleasure of meeting Kristi Blakeway, founder of Beyond Hello, an organization that encourages youth to connect with the homeless population on the Downtown Eastside.

“Beyond HELLO began in Vancouver in July 2013.  It evolved from the simple recognition that some of Vancouver’s citizens are treated as if they are invisible.  In the Downtown Eastside, Hastings Street is plagued with lost souls: the forgotten, the mentally ill, the drug addicted and the lonely.   And to the commuters, tourists and city dwellers who race by, the lost souls who wander these particular city blocks are either ignored or chastised…

It began as a one day field trip – but it has now become a multi-school year round initiative.  One by one, the homeless have trusted us with their stories and offered a glimpse into their lives.  To date we have helped over 300 people send messages of love, through greeting cards, phone calls and face to face reunions.”

And the best part?  Kristi is a resident of Ridge Meadows!

Click to link to learn more about Beyond HELLO and to check out the many connections the group has made and the resounding effect they have had in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.