After-school Program Boosts Children’s Mental Health

It’s tough to say what the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will be.  We have a series of measurable items that we will be able to quantify in the coming months and years – the economy being one – but what about Mental Health?

As adults, we make no secret of how we’re feeling – Zoom fatigue, mask wearing, not being able to see family and friends – but what about our kids?  Our kids are programmed from birth to trust and do what their adults tell them to.  And the pandemic has been no different.

In March, they homeschooled.

In June, schools reopened and many kids went back to school.

In July, things returned to “normal” and they enjoyed the warm summer months.

In September, it was back to school full steam, but teachers were wearing masks, and they are greeted at their class door every morning with a bottle of soap.

And then in November, they were told no grandparents at Christmas, no playdates, sports are all practices and another lock down was imminent.

And the whole while, our children have been trusting and diligent.  But what about their childhood are they missing as we near almost one-year of pandemic precautions?

The Salvation Army in Spryfield, Nova Scotia has recognized some ways to try and make life more normal for kids who attend their after-school daycare.  And the largest take-away?
“The program does a world of good to help a child’s mental health.  It creates a sense of belonging and consistency that many of them have lost over this past year.”

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