Surviving Human Trafficking

What does Human Trafficking mean to you?

Does it conjure up images of children in far-off countries working in big factories for little- to no-wages, after being taken from the streets away from their families?  Or is it more localized – foreign women who come to Western Europe or North America to work as models or nannies, only to find themselves forced to work in massage parlors, with no contact with the outside world?  Or is it the child you see on the bus, in an unusual partnership with an adult that sends your senses flaring that something isn’t right?

The truth is, all of these things are realistic scenarios of trafficked humans.  And the list just keeps on going…

Today on our blog, we’re sharing the story of Victoria Morrison.  Victoria was like most of us.  She came from a good family in Winnipeg.  She had it all, good grades, university entrance – everything you’re supposed to have to stay out of trouble.  However, once her first-year of University started, Victoria’s life took a turn.  She made some new friends, and made some choices that would change the course of her life forever.

Read all of Victoria’s story and about her salvation at the link here: