Social Justice for All

We are ending this week very differently then it started.  After Tuesday’s verdict in the Derek Chauvin case, Americans and Canadians alike are breathing a cumulative sigh of relief that social justice was served to people of colour and minorities across our two nations.  But, there is still a long road ahead.

In the summer of last year, The Salvation Army issued a statement about the George Floyd’s needless death.  Mr. Floyd was a former The Salvation Army employee, and his death was shocking to everyone.  Click the link to read that statement:

There is no question that we need to do better.  We need to treat our fellow man with dignity and respect.  And we should demand that same dignity and respect from others.  There has been too much needless, inexplicable violence in the last year.  But even before the last year, The Salvation Army at its core has always stood for justice, for serving those who can’t help themselves with the help they need; for fighting on the front-lines of trafficking humans; and for serving any one who walks through our doors with open hearts and love.

So, let’s start a new week fresh.  Consider your actions and reactions to your neighbours, coworkers, classmates and clients this week.  Are you showing compassion for their journey?  And even if you don’t understand their path, can you walk alongside them, even for a while, to make sure that YOU are doing your part to “do better”?