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The Emergency Shelter program includes 25 beds funded by BC Housing and 5 SARM funded beds for single adults, 8 for women, and 22 for men, 19 years of age or older and provides essential services that meet the guest’s immediate need for accommodation, nutritious meals, and basic hygiene. We also currently have 30 mixed temporary shelter beds. For more information, please contact our Client Advocates at (604) 463-8296 ext. 102

Genesis Transitional Housing

SARM Genesis Program has 15 placements for single adults, 1 for women and 14 for men, 19 years of age or older. Individual participants in this program are given the opportunity to enter into a safe and secure environment to begin their journey of discovery towards their life achievement goals. Once the intake process is completed the participants immediately engage in directing their energy and abilities towards removing personal barriers preventing wellness and independence. For more information please contact (604) 463-8296 ext.122 or use the contact form.