Step. 1

Accept the challenge.

Whether you heard about this challenge from the internet or from a friend, will you accept the challenge?! All you need is a pack of games cards (playing cards, pokemon cards, or other… doesn’t matter!) and a flat surface.

Step. 2

Build your house of cards or donate $10.

Using the game cards of choice, start building your house of cards! Use any technique you can to stack your cards, this can be a 1 story home or as tall as a highrise! Check out our Facebook group for stacking tips and tricks!

Can’t manage to stack your cards? Donate $10 to Ridge Meadows Ministries!

Step. 3

Share your challenge results on Social Media.

Succeed or fail, we want to see your challenge results! Share your challenge results on our Facebook Group, or share on your own page using hashtag #CardHouseChallenge

Step. 4

Nominate 3 friends.

Keep this challenge going, pick 3 friends to build a house of cards. Share this page with them or help them through the steps.


For more videos please join our Facebook group “Card House Challenge“.


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For more information about this challenge, or how you can get involved, please contact us!

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