Blessings in Disguise

This week, we’re sharing a video about a temporary shelter in Anaheim, California that was built to ease physical-distancing regulations in place over the last year.  And while all the programming offered remains available only to those residing in the shelter, the hope is that the momentum and life-changing opportunities being formed through this shelter and these programs will extend in to the years to come (and be open to the community at large).

This is an amazing video about how The Salvation Army has adapted since March of last year to keep its clients and staff safe.  As an international organization that operates in over 135 countries around the world, the Anaheim shelter is just one example.  In Maple Ridge, we opened a Physical Distancing shelter in the late Spring, which offers 25 shelter beds as an extension to our normal emergency shelter program.  The opening of this shelter has meant thinking on our feet, moving quickly to ensure that our shelter guests are safe and still provided for to our normal standards.

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